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Deadly Dinner

“What do corn, potatoes, beans, and cashews have in common? They can all be poisonous under the right circumstances.” This statement is from the book Wicked Plants, The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart.

This is in the Deadly Dinner chapter, which has lots of details about the circumstances that make these items bad for us. Modern food preparation and eating these items in moderation renders them safe to eat, Ms Stewart says. I’m glad to read this part, as I eat these specific items regularly. (And from now on, in moderation.)

But if I have any potatoes with green-ish looking skin, I’m tossing them in the compost pile.

Next is the chapter called “The Devil’s Bartender” under the Intoxicating heading. Should be interesting.

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Shotgun Quiz

In the Texas Fish & Game magazine, July 2011 issue, Vol. 27, No. 3, Inland Edition, there is a quiz. It’s a quiz about shotguns, by Steve LaMascus, the TF&G guns editor.

I’ve taken one other Texas Fish & Game quiz: The Catfish Quiz. This post is shorter even than that one because I didn’t try to answer any of the questions in this quiz. One question stood out for me, however — question #19.

Question #19: The shotgun was used in defense of the Alamo during Texas’ War of Independence from Mexico. True or False. The answer is True. “Texans knew a good defensive gun when they saw it, and a side-by-side double barrel muzzleloader offered twice the punch at close range.”

The quiz has a bonus question: Which shot is smallest? (A) T (B) F (C) B (D) BB. Do you know?

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Texas Fish & Game July 2011

Here are the front cover headlines from the magazine Texas Fish & Game, July 2011, Vol. 27. No. 3, Inland Edition. (I wonder, what other editions are there?)

What’s Really Going On At TPWD’s Mysterious ‘Lake X(The cover photo is of a fish with 4 sets of stitches and a bolt coming out its neck, à la Frankenstein. Is it Frankenfish?)

Hunt Up Some Summer Sausage

Fishing Jetty Washouts

Fish Songs

Summer Tarpon

Take the TF&G Shotgun Quiz (Uh, oh. I already know how I do when I take these quizzes. I barely know what they are talking about.)

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