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Can’t Take The Heat

The Austin metro area has had a record-setting number of days of 100+ degree temperature, more than 60 (or 70?) days.

When it comes to cooking in this weather, I can’t take the heat. Here’s one of my favorite lunches, for weather like this: one avocado (large is good) and Garlic and Herb Pita Chips (the 365 brand from Whole Foods Market). Remember, there is no such thing as half an avocado, so I have to eat all of it. For dessert, some chocolate soy milk (light), if I have any.

That’s all, folks!

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Tire Pressure

One thing I appreciate is the free tire pressure check and tire inflation service that some tire retailers offer. They offer this service to anyone, not just people who bought tires from them. It’s in everyone’s interest for all tires to be properly inflated: they are safer and more fuel-efficient.

Thank you Discount Tire, and any other retailer who offers this service!

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Too Hot To Cook

It’s too hot to cook, so I’ve adjusted.

Dinner last night: Two pieces of toast (Seeduction bread — my favorite — baked by Whole Foods Market), strawberry fruit spread (the Whole Foods Market label “365”) and chocolate soy milk (light).

For dessert, a little more chocolate soy milk (light). Gotta watch those calories … in theory.

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