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Delivery Not Included

British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal

HMS Ark Royal

The British have a couple of aircraft carriers for sale, the HMS Invincible and the HMS Ark Royal. Delivery is not included in the price. They are being sold online by I couldn’t actually get to this web site. I figure the traffic volume is way up, due to the number of potential buyers, or window shoppers or gawkers, like me.

You can see a lot of the details of the HMS Invincible on the Telegraph web site.

I was thinking that some American could buy one (I was going to say “rich” American, but that’s redundant in this context), fly over and then drive sail tow it home. That would be one big tugboat needed to get it across the Atlantic. You’d probably want to make sure you have new set of dominoes for the trip back.

Now that would be a great pick up line. “Want to come over to my place and get a tour of my aircraft carrier?”

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.

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Waterfountain Tip

Here’s a tip for when you want to drink out of a waterfountain, an outdoor waterfountain, that is.

Don’t stand to where you are looking straight at the fountain’s spout. That is the path the water will take. Another clue is to look down to see if there is a muddy spot. Don’t stand there, as that is where the water will land, unless you are standing there and then the water will land on you.

This isn’t a problem with indoor water fountains because normally they are situated such that you can only approach them from 90 degrees. This prevents you from standing in the path of the water.

Some things you I only learn the hard way. As if there is any other way.

Bonus tip: Always have a towel in your car, for when you learn these things the hard way.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Button Canoe Quilt

Button Canoe Miniature Art Quilt

This week’s photo challenge really is a challenge for me. I live right smack dab in the middle of Texas. The Pacific Ocean is about 1,500 miles west and the Atlantic Ocean is about 1,500 miles east. I don’t have time to pop on over to one of them and take some fantastic photos. For this challenge, I present a representation of the ocean, my Button Canoe Quilt.

This quilt was published in Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative by Patti Digh. This book, as well as Patti’s others, is well-worth owning your own copy (and not just because my quilt is in it). The comets are made by my artist and writer friend, Judy King.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

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Market Demand

Farily regularly I receive correspondence from a local car dealer. They plead with me to bring in my vehicle. They are desperate, they say, for vehicles of exactly the year and make of what I drive. They need it to satisfy increased market demand and they will buy my vehicle at a very aggressive price. And, the postscript says that I will receive a FREE GIFT simply for bringing in the mailed, desperate request.

I have a few questions.

First, what is an aggressive price? Is it going to snarl at me? Then, what increased market demand? Just how many people are there who want a 10-year old SUV with a broken CD player, an SUV that requires premium gas? And why are all these people congregating at this car dealership?

(The CD player broke the week after the warranty ran out. I took it in to a non-dealer car radio repair business and they couldn’t fix it. The radio brand is a four-letter word and they don’t show or say their prices on their radio or TV commercials. When I researched the CD problem on the web, there were lots of people with the same problem with this same radio/CD model. Oh, dear.)

If I would only give this desperate dealer 20 minutes — 20 minutes, no more, no less — they will work with me to establish the value of my vehicle. Then I have three options. (Oh, I like the sound of this. Three is a prime number, very lucky.) I can:

(1) Take the cash. The very aggressive cash. Does it need a muzzle? Will they really give me cash? Maybe they mean that I get to take home a relative of Johnny Cash.
(2) Trade for a new or pre-owned vehicle. But I already have a pre-owned vehicle — mine. I hope they aren’t planning on selling it back to me minutes after I trade it in.
(3) Walk away. Now this one is odd. If I don’t take the cash and I don’t trade in my vehicle, why do I have to walk away? Can’t I drive away? I still own the same vehicle that I arrived in. Is the aggressive cash guarding it, keeping me away from it?

And remember, as long as I bring in the mailed request, I get a FREE GIFT. If I don’t bring in the mailed request, do I have to pay for the gift? Aren’t gifts inherently free?

Now, I want to be fair to this desperate dealer. In reality, it would take probably less than 20 minutes of sitting in a new vehicle for me to get the new car fever. That’s why I’m staying home.

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