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Location, Location, Location

Silly rabbits.

I’m in the back yard earlier this week and see our littlest dog, Moe, sticking her paw through the chain link fence reaching, reaching, reaching as far as she can to the other side. Something on the outside of the fence has her complete attention. As I approach the area she’s trying to reach, I can see the grass moving, sort of like hiccupping, each time she paws at it. I’m just hoping it’s not a rattlesnake.

Fortunately, it’s not a rattlesnake. It’s a rabbit’s nest, complete with baby rabbits. They are right up against the chain link fence. There are 268,580 square miles in Texas and this is where the mom builds her nest? She needs a better real estate agent, one who understands location, location, location.

The baby rabbits are safe. Well, safe from our dogs, not from the rest of Mother Nature’s predators. Hubby put up a large piece of plywood on the inside of the fence. This will keep the dogs from reaching through. Extra metal posts are pounded into the ground, pinning the plywood to the fence fabric. Then hubby took a large diameter orange rope and tied the extra metal posts to the fence.

Add a few traffic cones and we will have our own little construction zone. Maybe I’ll put up a sign: Hard Hat Area. Silly rabbits.

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Night Is Approaching

April is National Poetry Month, so I offer you a poem by Lisa H, age 11. I found her poem on Haiku Examples.

Night Is Approaching

Branches stretching out
To grab the sunsets colours
Night is approaching.

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Mr Magoo

One of the recent WordPress prompts was: Who is the worst driver you know?

I’m choosing Mr Magoo, from the cartoons (created in 1949). I didn’t know that he had a first name, but he does: Quincy. Mr Magoo is a near-sighted cartoon character, getting into all kinds of trouble because he goes about his business as if is not near-sighted. (Sound like anyone you know?)

And did you know that Mr Magoo won two — not one, but two — Oscars? Oh yes, he was also in the movies: When Magoo Flew (1955) and Magoo’s Puddle Jumper (1956).

One of the things Mr Magoo did without 20/20 vision or benefit of corrective lenses was drive around town. He’d shake his fist at the other drivers because, don’t you know, the near misses were always their fault.

Then I wondered: Is there anyone actually named Magoo? Let’s check my phone book.

No one in my phone book is named Magoo.

There is, however, a Magoon. I wonder what generation that person is from. If from mine, they probably had a hard time of it in school, being teased for their last name. I found a McGrew. Maybe a horticulturalist? McGough. This could be “McGoo” or “McGuff.” For now, we’ll go with “McGoo.” Could be one of the McDonald’s cartoon characters in Happy Meals. McGurr. Dog trainer, for sure.

Maybe this McGurr dog trainer person trained Mr Magoo’s dog, McBarker. Could have happened!

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The Best Line, Unlimited

In chapter seven of Unlimited, Jillian Michaels is making the case to “Quit Your Worrying” and “Root yourself filrmly in the present moment.” A few paragraphs later, she says “If and when a bad thing happens, you will manage the situation as productively as possible, but until then, stay present and deal with the task, and moment, at hand.”

For me, the best line in the book is a statement by Ellen Rakieten, the producing partner of Ms. Michaels’ company. Her advice on how not to worry about things that haven’t happened: “Don’t bleed until you’re shot.”

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