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Watch For Ice

As I was driving home yesterday afternoon, one of the traffic signs I passed said “Watch For Ice On Road.” I looked to see what my truck said the outdoor temperature was: 74 degrees. When I got home, I checked the forecast: Low of 61 degrees.

These are permanent signs, but they fold up when not needed. We certainly didn’t need them this last summer, when we had 70+ days of over 100 degree temperatures. I guess they just unfold them at some point in the autumn and leave them unfolded until some point in the spring.

I wanted to take a picture of the sign and my vehicle’s temperature gauge both in view, but there was no stopping on that highway.

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Left Turn

It’s a common sight to see a driver waiting to exit a business, wanting to turn left across three or four lanes of rush hour traffic. I’m wondering how long these drivers will wait for a break big enough to let them cross. Do any of them decide ahead of time how long they will wait? Do they count cars like children count freight train cars?

I’m just wondering what it takes for them to decide that they should have turned right 10 minutes before so that they could have looped around the block and been on their merry way.

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