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Bass Master, January 2012

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The 2012 magazine issues are starting to arrive. First to show up was the January 2012 issue for Bass Master.

And here is my favorite part of the magazine: the front cover headlines.

The Alabama Rig: Fad or Fixture?(Are you kidding? After recording and playing gigs for 30 years, Alabama is definitely a fixture. Oh. Rig . . . not gig? Nevermind.)

Winter Spooning: 5 Quick Bites(Is this like ordering one dessert at a restaurant and asking for 5 spoons so everyone can share?)

How KVD Tunes Trebles for Thumping Bass (When you thump bass, do they sound like watermelons? Does KVD ever tune tribbles?)

KVD being Kevin VanDam. My guess is that he is the man in the cover photograph. The article by Louie Stout starts with “Most bass anglers never consider changing treble hooks on moving baits, according to KVD. Here is why that may be the biggest mistake you can make while on the water.

That may well be the biggest mistake you can make while on the water, but I bet tuning tribbles or trying to thump them could be the second biggest mistake. You know the disclaimer: Do Not Try This At Home. Or Anywhere Else.

So now you know. And if you do know, you know way more than I do.

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