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North American Fisherman, October 2011

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Thank goodness another fishing magazine arrived today: the North American Fisherman, October/November 2011, Volume 24, Number 6, official publication of the North American Fishing Club.

First up on the front cover is the $2,990 Frabill Gear Giveaway. (I wonder why they are giving away Frabills and not dollar bills. Inquiring minds . . . )

Then, to the headlines:

Carrying Capacity — Clarified (Does this cover how many fish you can put in an airline carry-on? What is the Guinness world record for this category? Or maybe they are referring to clarified butter.)

Foot-Long Walleye Baits (Are these sold by street vendors along with foot-long hot dogs?)

Track Fall Bass, Decipher The Bite and Exploit It (An autumn dentist convention ice-breaking activity, right?)

Untapped Trout, Guides’ Guerrilla Tactics (Maybe the trout wear camouflage and the guides have a hard time seeing them.)

Crappies Cranks & Lead, Rx For The Autumn Transition (They can probably feel the weather change in their aching bones.)

Ultimate Quebec Adventure! (I want to go to Montreal, Quebec, but not to fish.)
* So You Think You Can Fish (No, not really.)
* Late-Season Crankin’ (Oops, I first read “Late-Season Cranky.” Nevermind)

What’s on your magazine cover?

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