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How I Want To Shop

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One thing I appreciate is a retailer’s web site that lets me narrow my search for an item. That’s so much better than having to drill down one level at a time for who knows how many levels, then having to scroll through pages and pages of items I’m not interested in.

Quite some time ago, there was a TV commercial about shopping online for cars. They had a man standing in the middle of the white space with cars all around him. He would provide one requirement for a car (a 2-door coupe, for example) and the cars that didn’t meet that requirement would flip out of sight. He’d give a second requirement (maybe mileage, I can’t remember the specifics), and again, after a flurry of flipping activity only the cars with the two requirements remained. He specified the color red and sure enough, through the magic of online shopping and TV, only one car remained; the one car that was perfect for him. This took only seconds on TV, with the implication that it would only take a few minutes of online shopping at this car web site. I love that TV commercial.

That’s how I want to shop.

I’m looking for a sweater that is robin’s egg blue (turquoise blue?), has 3/4-length sleeves and a boatneck (maybe jewel neck) and is machine washable. The web sites I’m visiting allow me to search by item (sweater), by color (blue) and by sleeve length (3/4). I haven’t located my sweater yet but at least I’m not spending too much time finding out that no one has what I want.

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