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Office Pot Luck

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Yesterday I mentioned how I yearned to become the Croissant Queen of South Austin when I got my first bread machine. Even though that didn’t happen and I had to continue with my daily non-royal existence, I put that bread machine to good use.

A couple of recipes always turned out really nice. One was honey whole wheat bread. The other was peanut butter bread. Peanut butter bread always smelled so good when baking, just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, all the recipes smelled good while baking, but this one was my favorite.

I started taking my bread machine and recipe ingredients to work for any office pot luck events. I’d set it under my desk and start it at the appropriate time to have it finished and cooled down when lunch was ready. I was working on a large project at the time; more than 100 employees were assigned to it, most of us in the main project room. This was before cubicles were invented (ahem!), so it was just one huge, open room with rows and rows of desk touching desk touching desk touching desk. Privacy was not in the project dictionary.

On office pot luck days, a stream of people would stop by my desk just to be closer to the wonderful aroma of baking peanut butter bread, anticipating cutting their own slice. It was my own little contribution to office aromatherapy.

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