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Game Laws Quiz

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Hubby’s September 2011 issue of Texas Fish & Game arrived (Vol. 27 No. 5). And it has a quiz! Yes!

Take the TF&G Game Laws Quiz (by TF&G Hunting Editor, Bob Hood). I think I will. And I think I will not answer one question correctly, but that’s no reason not to take the quiz, now, is it? Onward, then, and let’s not tally.

Here’s the intro: “Are you savvy on Texas’ hunting and fishing regulations? It certainly pays to be that way because we all should want to stay above the law, enjoy our days on the waters and in the fields and ehlp promote good conservation and good times. Here’s a quiz for you to help keep you better aware of some regulations that you may have missed or overlooked.”

I’m totally relaxed when taking these quizzes because I know I don’t know anything about hunting and fishing and I’m okay with that. Sort of like the quizzes in women’s magazines on sex and men.

The quiz has 20 questions and the answers are multiple choice. The author and magazine went to a lot of trouble to get it into print, so I’m just going to highlight a couple of the questions that surprised me.

Question #6. White bass and hybrid striped bass can be identified from one another by: (A) Their size
(B) Color
(C) Tooth patches on their tongues
(D) Placement of their dorsal fin.

Are those my only choices? I’m thinking that Mr. Hood should have included (E) the type of battery strapped to their back, lead acid or nickle metal hydride.

Question #11. A hunting license is required for taking bullfrogs.
(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Only on waters with certain license restrictions.

Taking bullfrogs? Taking them where?

Postaday2011 #236 Game Laws Quiz


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