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No Shopping, No Chopping

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Yesterday I commented on quilting project kits and how I finally caught onto that idea for my own sewing projects. Now I have sewing project kits galore. What a great idea that I borrowed from quilt shops!

Turns out some businesses use that idea for food. I recently used a food home delivery service, Greenling. And guess what? They have food kits! What a great idea!

I’ve tried two of food kits and I love them (Engine 2 Meal Kit #1 and Engine 2 Meal Kit #2). The best part: no shopping, no chopping.

They pick up the container from the previous delivery and leave the new container. Inside are five meal kits, all bagged up (where possible) and each bag and all separate items are labeled: Day 1, Day 2, etc.

I’m going to start doing that with my food that I bring home from the grocery store. Similar to my sewing items that I buy and then scatter (but no more, as they are in kits!), I buy all the ingredients for a new recipe, bring them home, put them in the pantry and refrigerator. When next I notice them, I can’t remember what goes with what.

That’s because I get all efficient. (It happens, every once in a while.) I select a recipe from a cookbook, write down all the ingredients and, because I don’t want to leave anything on my clean kitchen counter, put the cookbook back in the bookcase. By the time I return from the grocery store, I can’t remember which cookbook the chosen recipe was in.

But once I start putting my food in kits, just like Greenling, that won’t happen (as much). I won’t have to wonder why I bought that container of apple cider that is on the shelf. Or how the canned pumpkin was supposed to be used. And almond butter? Maybe the store was out of peanut butter?

Not likely.

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Author: Tresha Barger

Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

One thought on “No Shopping, No Chopping

  1. Canned pumpkin (for making pies) can be substituted for butter in some recipes — like for cookies. It works okay, but the cookies I made using pumpkin came out kind of dry tasting. Of course, maybe if you add some of the almond butter…

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