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Quilting Arts, Issue 52

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I like to post about the front covers of hubby’s fishing magazines. My magazines were feeling left out. Here are the headlines from the front cover of Quilting Arts Magazine, August/September 2011, Issue 52.

Extreme Quilt Makeover, Art quilts transformed, before & after

Create Your Own Fabrics, 11 playful techniques to try, including:
* Ice Dyeing (I guess that’s before you put the ice cubes in your drink.)
* Layered Marbling
* Monoprinting & Finger Painting (Not just for kids, anymore.)
* Stamping & Stenciling with Unusual Objects

Plus: Art Quilt Meets Mixed Media (Speed dating, maybe?)

One big difference between the my handling of the fishing magazines and my art quilt magazines is that I bookmark articles in the art quilt magazines. Oh, yes. I have three items bookmarked in this issue alone. Put all my magazines together on the shelf (I would, if I could corral them all from all over the house), and you’d see all kinds of bookmarks in my magazines. They are so inspiring! That’s usually as far as I get with my inspirations: reading the magazines, bookmarking them, then putting them down somewhere. Repeat when the next issue arrives.

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Author: Tresha Barger

Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

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