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I love traffic reports. When I get home from work, I tune my vehicle’s radio to the station that has regular morning traffic reports. I’m good to go for the next day’s drive into town.

One traffic reporter commonly uses the phrase “No really big wrecks or stalls.” I’m glad to hear this, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

“No REALLY big wrecks or stalls.” Are there some medium wrecks or stalls that I need to know about? Are there big wrecks, but normal-sized big wrecks, as opposed to REALLY big wrecks? Are there any small stalls on my roads? I drive on some 2-lane roads and even one stalled vehicle could have a significant negative impact.

I love traffic reports. Really, I do.

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Author: Tresha Barger

Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

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