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Lamar Plaza

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The Austin American-Statesman reported yesterday that developers plan to build retail space and apartments at the Lamar Plaza in south Austin.

But there are already retail businesses and apartments there. There is a very small apartment complex at the northwest corner of Lamar Plaza. I recently considered moving there just to be closer to my beloved Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar, which is also in the Lamar Plaza.

My Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar is already at that address. There is no need to develop that piece of land. It sounded as if the developers thought it was a wooded area going to waste. There is a fabric shop there, the Highball, a scooter store, a gym, a pharmacy, a guitar store and lots more.

What’s to develop? You can check on Google and see it by satellite, 1142 South Lamar, Austin, Texas. That address is occupied.

If the Alamo South Lamar had to close, I would be very sad. Unless . . . unless they open one in southeast Austin. Maybe the same developers who are considering developing Lamar Plaza can re-develop Southpark Meadows and put an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema there. Oh sure, there’s a multi-gazillion dollar retail center already there with a movie complex, but what’s one more theater (south, much closer to me)?

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