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The Quest

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One summer I set out on a quest to find the best root beer float in Austin. Not all root beer floats are created equal. Shocking, but true.

It’s not that root beer floats are had to make, but there are variables that affect the end product. The flavor of the root beer differs greatly. Some are too sweet, some too syrup-y, some too tonic tasting. The ice cream must be hand dipped, none of that swirl-y stuff dropping out of a machine. I’m into real ice cream, no low calorie or low fat stuff. Vanilla is my favorite for floats, although I’ve heard of other people liking other flavors for their floats. (Why?)

The right root beer, the right ice cream. Then the mug — and it should be a mug — must be cold. The ice cream goes in first, then the root beer. And none of this filling up the mug with mostly float foam and then handing it over. That’s cheating and I won’t be going back to any establishment that does that.

The perfect root beer float has just enough root beer and ice cream to have a little of both in each spoonful until it’s all gone. (Who needs a straw? Not me.)

That’s what I looked for, way back when. I just don’t remember anything about where I looked for it; it’s been that long ago. Sounds like I’m due for another déjà vu experience, tooling around town checking out the root beer float offerings. If you have any suggestions, I’m ready for them. I will consider travelling out of town, if someone recommends a superb root beer float somewhere in central Texas.

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