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My Favorite Movie Theater

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One of the things I appreciate is a good movie theater. Have I mentioned that the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is my favorite, the South Lamar, Austin location?

(The South Lamar location will host a Harry Potter movie marathon, in honor of the last movie being released. I so want to go.)

The first time I went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, I knew I was in love before the movie even started. I fell in love with the pre-movie montage. I don’t mean previews, even though there are some of those. But before the movie and before the previews, the audience is treated to a montage of clips that are related to the subject of the main movie event: clips of movies, vintage TV commercials, TV episodes, outtakes, spoofs, actors reading for parts they didn’t get in blockbusters, interviews, old stuff, new stuff, foreign stuff, singing stuff and so on. If it exists on film, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is likely to get their hands on it.

They also have a full menu. Not just popcorn or burgers and fries — a full menu. You get to eat during the movie. Each row of seats has a table row in front of it. I recommend that you try their wonderful chocolate chip cookies. They don’t bake them until you order them. When the server brings them to you, they are warm and chewy, fresh out of the oven. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

One of the best things about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is their policy for No Talking During The Movie. They mean it and they enforce it. No talking, no phones, no texting, no tweeting. Do not disturb your audience neighbors. They make their own No Talking During The Movie film clip and it’s always funny. Sometimes it features celebrities, sometimes not.

And Lady Luck is shining again on south Austin. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has broken ground on a new southwest location. When it opens, you will find me inside, watching the montage, movie and eating my chocolate chip cookies.

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