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Catfish Quiz

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Yesterday I noted that the May 2011 issue of Texas Fish & Game is available. One of the items caught my eye: the Catfish Quiz.

I can’t remember the last time I took a magazine quiz. I decided to take this quiz even though I know nothing about catfish or fishing. It’s not a compatibility quiz for a fisherperson and their spouse à la Cosmopolitan. It’s not as if I’m going to go crying to hubby because my answers show that we are incompatible. I don’t need a quiz for that.

The Catfish Quiz has 15 questions. I didn’t try to answer them all, as I had no idea what most of them were talking about. But here are the ones I did answer.

1. You have to use live bait to catch flathead catfish. True or False. Why I thought I knew the answer to this, I don’t know. I answered False.

7. Why do blue and channel cat [sic] frequently gather beneath cormorant roost trees during fall and winter? (A) To take advantage of the shade (B) They like the view. (C) To feed. I answered (C) To feed. I’m pretty sure this is the first time ever that I used “[sic]”. I think I’m starting to like this magazine.

9. Why do catfish sometimes gather on windy shorelines and points? (A) They can’t swim against the wind (B) They prefer the brackish water churned up by lapping waters (C) That’s where the food is. I answered (C) That’s where the food is.

12. Catfish are lazy, bottom feeders. True or False. I answered False.

14. What is the best way to prevent punch baits and stink baits [Who makes up these names?] from becoming soft and mushy on a hot, summer day? (A) Store the bait on ice between baiting hooks (B) You can’t (C) Keep the lid on the bait canister. I answered (A) Store the bait on ice between baiting hooks.

I answered (guessed) 5 of 15 questions/statements. TA-DA! All my answers are correct!

What this quiz doesn’t have is a scale to show what kind of catfish expert you are (or aren’t) based on the number of correct answers. I’ll never know how I measure up against people who actually fish. However, I’m pretty sure I can guess that, too.

Hubby took the quiz. He got 12 out of 15 right. Oh, dear. I hope he doesn’t come crying to me that our answers show that we are incompatible. We don’t need a quiz for that.

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