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Texas Fish & Game May 2011

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Thank goodness the May 2011 issue of Texas Fish & Game arrived today! Let’s see what is on the cover.

This is Vol. 27, No. 1 and it’s the “Inland Edition.” At first I thought is said “Island Edition” but I was wrong. Now, the headlines.

Are We Building Bait-Proof Bass? (My guess is No, not unless the bass are on a hunger strike.)
Streaming Bass, Texas’ Overlooked River Fisheries (Maybe they are so small they are easy to miss?)
Crankbaits from A to Z
Broke-Back Motion
(Whoa. Do I detect a little inclusiveness here?)
Eye Protection for Hunters (The rest of us will just have to do without.)
The TF&G Catfish Quiz (I’m going to take this quiz even though I know nothing about catfish. Check my next post to see how I did.)

On the back cover is an advertisement for sunglasses. At least, I think they are sunglasses. It shows a profile view and the text: I never realized fish could sweat. (I guess that’s proof as to just how good the sunglasses are.) Frame: Fisch; Lens: Copper 580 by

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