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Book by Patti Digh, What I Wish for You

What I Wish for You

One of the things I appreciate is people who are inclusive, people who talk to shy people, take time with children, acknowledge your effort, and share.

One of those individuals is Patti Digh, an author. Her latest book is What I Wish for You, Simple Wisdom for a Happy Life. This book shares words of love and wisdom that she collected from her friends (some known to her personally, some not — as I said, she’s inclusive) for her older daughter’s going off to college. Patti’s books are also filled with art by her friends (some known to her, some not — you get the idea).

What I Wish for You is a fantastic book with great artwork. The wonderful, inclusive part: she and her publisher, skirt!, sent copies to all the submitting artists, including me, even though my artwork was not accepted. I can tell you, my copy of that book is priceless because they went out of their way thank me.

I have artwork in two of her other books: Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives and Creative is a Verb, If You’re Alive, You’re Creative and I have my artist copies of those (priceless) books, as well. I went “on tour” when I received my artist copies of Patti’s books with my art in it. Patti’s book tours and my book tours don’t look anything alike, that’s for sure. I’ll be sharing that with you in a separate post.

I’ve never met Patti, but that’s about to change. She’s coming to Texas in May on the book tour for What I Wish for You and I’m going to travel to see her. And then I’ll change from a friend and artist she doesn’t know to a friend and artist she does know.

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Author: Tresha Barger

Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

2 thoughts on “Inclusive

  1. You will love her in person, as we love her in her work. I treasure, treasure my copy of this book. And I love the little dog in the photograph.



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