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British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal

HMS Ark Royal

The British have a couple of aircraft carriers for sale, the HMS Invincible and the HMS Ark Royal. Delivery is not included in the price. They are being sold online by I couldn’t actually get to this web site. I figure the traffic volume is way up, due to the number of potential buyers, or window shoppers or gawkers, like me.

You can see a lot of the details of the HMS Invincible on the Telegraph web site.

I was thinking that some American could buy one (I was going to say “rich” American, but that’s redundant in this context), fly over and then drive sail tow it home. That would be one big tugboat needed to get it across the Atlantic. You’d probably want to make sure you have new set of dominoes for the trip back.

Now that would be a great pick up line. “Want to come over to my place and get a tour of my aircraft carrier?”

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.

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