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New Traffic Light

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When beautiful downtown Creedmoor got the left turn lanes, we also got the corresponding traffic light with a protected left turn arrow. This arrangement is much safer and that’s one thing I appreciate.

What I appreciate most about the new traffic light (and there is only one in all of Creedmoor), is that the timing was updated. The old traffic light had “issues.” The sensor was off, or maybe asleep. At 5:30 a.m., I could sit at that light for several minutes, waiting to turn left. Just me, by myself, and that red light. Waiting. The sensor on the north side seemed to be working okay, and I considered it good luck if a vehicle approached the light from the north side in order to trigger it to turn green.

Now, I can stop at the red light at any time of the day and in a reasonable amount of time, the light turns green, letting me proceed (after looking both left and right, of course).


And I appreciate the WordPress technicians who worked very hard on the problems WordPress was having yesterday evening. I was able to write my Postaday entry pretty much on schedule, thanks to them.

Postaday2011 #82


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