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Numb Tongue

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Numb Tongue. That’s what Cadet Kirk had while trying to talk to Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek 2009. It was a reaction to the vaccine Dr McCoy gave him, against Melvaran mud fleas.

I get numb tongue, too, when I bite my tongue by accident. It hurts, it swells, sometimes it bleeds just a bit and gets a little numb, in reaction to the pain.

I find this strange, this biting of the tongue. Doesn’t my mouth know where my tongue is? Why does my tongue get in the way? Are my teeth and tongue fighting about something without me realizing it?

Funny, biting your tongue by accident is painful (ow!). Biting your tongue on purpose usually prevents pain (like painful regrets of “Sure wish I hadn’t said that”).

I’ve no idea how painful a Melvaran mud flea bite is. Maybe the bite isn’t the problem, but the disease one gets from the flea (like the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century, killing about 75 million people, 30-60% of Europe’s people).

I wonder when we’ll get a vaccine to prevent biting your tongue by accident, or a vaccine to help you bite your tongue purposefully, to prevent regretful pain afterward. Either way, I’ll be in that line.

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Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

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