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Summer Camp

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I just received the catalogue for the Houston Museum of Natural Science 2011 summer camps. Lots and lots of interesting summer camps. Sign me up!

Alas, they are for people who are kids on the outside and inside, not people who are kids just on the inside. Those lucky little devils!

There are 19 camps for kids who are 6 or 7.

Hogwarts Science Academy. “Step into the amazing world of Harry Potter as your classroom goes beyond Hogwarts. Learn the real science behind the care of wizard pets, Herbology, Quidditch, herpetology, and the chemistry behind magical potions. Create your own wand, hat and book of science ‘spells’ in this week of wonders!”

Jedi Academy.  “Learn the ways of The Force as you experience real physics and science from Star Wars. Explore the planets, creatures, droids, and vehicles in a galaxy far, far away while you learn about real planets, animals, robots and cool transportation in our own backyard. Sart your lightsaber training and learn the ways of the Jedi to become a Jedi Knight!”

Survivor. “Alone, marooned, scared, cold, and hungry? Can you survive? You betcha! You’ll learn to distill drinking water and make it into a refreshing drink that would quench any thirst. Participate in an indoor campfire cookout. Learn to navigate by the stars, tell time with the sun, and build your own compass. Make your own sunscreen, and find out what kinds of bugs make good snacks. Participate in Friday’s survivor competition. Camp includes optional bug tasting activity.”

There are 22 camps for kids who are 8 or 9. (I was once 9 years old.)

Earth’s Wild Ride. “From canyons and caves to geysers and glaciers, this camp explores the most exciting places on Earth with lots of messy models and exploding fun. Volcanoes, tornadoes, and impacting asteroids all get into the act during this wacky week of Earth adventures.”

Super Science Magic. “Learn the physics and chemistry behind magic as you make things appear, disappear, levitate, and change colors using magnets, mirrors, and more. Try your hand at juggling and card tricks. On Friday, perform your ‘impossible’ tricks in a science magic show.”

There are 20 camps for kids who are 10, 11 or 12.

Full Tilt Physics. “How fast is a speeding bullet? Explore the science of speed from acceleration and air resistance to collisions and crashes. Design and build hovercrafts, cars, planes and other vehicles then modify them to maximize their velocity. The race is on!”

Medieval Madness. “Become a Medieval apprentice as you discover the fascinating world of the Middle Ages. Build your own siege machine, learn how to make chain mail and explore how the Black Plague devastated Europe. Dip your own candles and cook delicacies from the “Dark Ages.” Be a herald as you investigate heraldry and make your own shield.”

Wish I could go to all of the camps.  I know that whoever gets to go will have a really good time.  Send me a postcard!

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