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Super Bowl Specialty

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Super Bowl XLV (that’s “45” for those of us who use Arabic numerals, like the entire world) is over. This year was the first time it was played in the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium. (“Dallas” being used as the broad geographical area, as the stadium isn’t actually in Dallas, it’s in Arlington.)

The official pre-game show started at 1:00 and ended at 5:00. Four hours. That’s a lot of football talking going on. I am a football fan and I definitely was looking forward to this game, but even I could not plop myself down on the couch for a 4-hour pre-game show and then a 3-4 hour game. Besides, everyone knows you can’t get up during the commercials during the game. That’s what we talk about on the Monday after, the game and the commercials. Yes, yes, we can see the commercials on the Internet, but seeing them on TV, that is Super Bowl Specialty.

Turns out, American TV isn’t the only place where all hoopla is broadcast, as noted in this entry from Tales from Yorkshire: What’s so super about Superbowl. The pre-game red carpet treatment, the game, the half-time show and the post-game show are not first and foremost on everyone’s mind, even if they are broadcast on British TV.

Hmm. Are the British Superbowl commercials as anticipated and discussed as the American commercials? Do they cost as much (US $3 million per 30-second slot)? Maybe that’s how British TV could make the game more attractive to their viewers: cute commercials. The little Darth Vader and VW commercial gets my vote for the best one for this year.

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