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Serged Scarf, Take One

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See this mess? It was supposed to be a serged scarf. I saw it demonstrated at Sew Much More’s Serger Club on Thursday. Easy, right?

Not when I’m doing it.

First off, I choose Batiks. I love Batiks. One of the reason I love Batiks is that I can’t tell which side is the right side or the wrong side. That makes it so easy to sew some items. Turns out I still need to pay attention when I am serging and using decorative thread on one side only.

Scarf Strips

Serged, mangled scarf strips

The first seam I serged was the light strip to the brown strip. Only then do I notice that for the first time in my life, I can tell a difference between the right side and the wrong side of the light strip. And the side of that one that is facing up is the wrong side. Rats! I decide to leave it because it is the first time I’ve tried to make this scarf and I allow myself mistakes. And, as they say in the sewing world, no one will notice on a galloping horse.

For the second seam, I forget again to serge wrong sides together. The result is that the decorative thread is on top for the first seam and it’s on the bottom for the second seam. Well, galloping horse or otherwise, that seam has to come out. Only I haven’t quite got the knack of taking out a serger seam. I’ve been told it’s easy if you just …. (I don’t know what goes here).

I get out my seam ripper, Mrs Wiggins (yes, I named my seam ripper because we spend so much quality time together) and take out the seam, badly. When I pull the two strips of fabric apart, it shreds the seam side of the brown fabric, as you can see.

Back to the cutting board. I cut three more strips of fabric, to replace the ones I’ve mangled. Next post: Serger Scarf, Take Two.

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