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So Much History, So Little Time

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Post #5. If I had only one hour to do some time travelling, I’d visit these times/places in history.

– 1939, Amelia Earhart, American aviator. How and where did she die?

– 1932, Babe Ruth, American baseball player. I want to see his “called-shot” where he hit the home run in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

– 1926, Agatha Christie, British author. Where did she disappear to, for those 11 days?

– 1553 (about), Levina Teerlinc, Flemish miniaturist who served as a painter to the English court of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. How did she make those tiny, tiny portraits?

– 1017 (about), Frögärd i Ösby, Swedish Viking age runemaster. I’d like to see her inscribing runes on a stone.

– 1200 B.C., Fù Hǎo, Chinese military general and high priestess. I’d like to see her leading her troops into battle.

So much history, so little time.


Author: Tresha Barger

Writer (blogs, humor, short stories, poetry) and artist (miniature art quilts, watercolor paintings, soft sculpture dolls)

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